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Aspiring actors and extras know how difficult it is to find that first acting job and get started working in show business. Most people simply do not know what to do or where to start. Many find just getting their foot in the door, scheduling their first audition and locating casting notices and open casting calls are often the most challenging tasks they have ever faced.

We take the mystery out of the movie business and casting process and can help you get started and get ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional actor, we have the practical information and instructions that will help you find a talent agent, locate your next job and nail your casting audition. We can help you understand the casting process and which filmmakers are involved. We'll teach you about getting headshots, creating an acting résumé and choosing acting schools, colleges and classes. You'll learn about cold reading and performing your monologue in front of an audience. And you'll come to understand what types of actors are needed for what jobs while you learn what to expect as you start out in this exciting career field.

Register today and find the information you need to become a successful actor or actresses and possibly the next break-out movie star. Join Moviex and not only will you receive your own dynamic acting profile and résumé web page, available to hundreds of talent scouts, agents, managers and casting directors worldwide, but you'll have links to talent agents, film commissions, photographers, acting coaches and more. Fresh casting notices and audition schedules are posted on our web site regularly, plus our acting columns provide great advice and guidance which can help you throughout your acting career.

As the world's leading resource for movie extras, we are committed to building and strengthening our services. We're continually adding new features and growing so we may always remain a leader in this field. As a result, we have received high acclaim from industry insiders and have been published in "Teen People" and "Jump" magazines as well as USA TODAY and CNN.COM. In short, we are successful because we want our members to be successful.

Moviex is a division of Actingland Incorporated, a privately held California corporation. Plans to go public in the near future are in the works. Large blocks of private shares are immediately available. Contact Moviex for current investment opportunities and information.

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Moviex has become the world's leading internet destination for acting and movie extras resources.

We've been featured in magazines like "Teen People" and "Jump" plus CNN.com and USAToday.com.

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